Pedagogy Campaign – Satchel

In February 2020, one of the goals for our content at Satchel was to educate teachers on the wider academics surrounding their work – the theory of learning, or Pedagogy.

For this, I was tasked with researching, writing and consulting on the script for an explainer video on a tight deadline.

As well as the video, I would also be writing complementary blogs each week to delve deeper into each of the four learning theories discussed in the video.

What is Pedagogy



Social Constructivisim


I used some of my primary research for the wider pedagogy campaign, as well as some specialised work looking closer at each of the theories and the take-aways that surrounded them.

I consulted closely with our video creative for the project whilst writing, and made sure to be available for any script guidance throughout filming – as well as sharing some knowledge that helped to optimise the video for Youtube and Google SEO.

Watch the full video below.

Note [14/06/2020]: This video now holds the number 1 spot on youtube when you search ‘pedagogy’ or ‘what is pedagogy?’

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